Is this word correct in this context?

Spare me the grisly details.


I'll see him tonight.

Ritalynne wanted to talk to me about something.

Daren is trying to get Daniel's attention.

Sri looks like her mother, but she has a different personality.

This jacket isn't expensive, it's very cheap.

What's your name, please?

This report is incomplete.

Louise felt very uneasy about not telling her parents that she was pregnant.

I might not have told him that.

You might want to buy one of those.

No words can relieve her deep sorrow.


Reid told me where you were.

Subtlety never was your strong suit.

I can't sleep with all that noise.


Since it was the first time we arrived late at school, our teacher didn't give us detention.

You can see many animals in this forest.

The sick person was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

He is older than I by two years.

I won't translate such a negative sentence.

Marlena will be busy at this time tomorrow.

He is out on a speaking tour these days.

How weird!

Albert lied about his job experience.

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Stoning is a good deal easier than convincing.


I'd rather die than yield to this sort of demand.

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I heartily agree.

Do not talk nonsense!

The doctor saved the four people involved in the accident.

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He crossed the Pacific Ocean in thirty days.

Emily wants a fight.

They opened the door.

Joubert is not very happy.

The basement is overrun with rats.

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I flew on a Tokyo-bound plane.

The sight has been indelibly etched in my mind.

I locked the door, in case someone tried to get in.

It is difficult for him to buy a car.

Cathy can speak French and German.

I switched to Google Chrome and it worked.

He's letting his fame go to his head.

It is called sick humor.

What do you know about what happened?

Cindy often talks to himself.

I thought you were Venkata's best friend.

The girls were emotional.

Siping, answer me!

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As I am busy, I cannot go.

I'm going to help you save some time.

Please take off your shirt.

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.

I didn't hire her.

I made the salad. Did you like it?

Ami is hurting.

What is luck?

Surya is on the soccer team.

You know that's impossible.

Toufic climbed over the fence.

I thought I could trust you.

It was an upset.

Marc criticized the photo.

No doubt she will come soon.


It's hard to believe, but Knudsen is cheating you!


Loyd is almost in position.

Because of the poor harvest, wheat prices have gone up in the last six months.

Murat didn't tell me how beautiful you were.

Do your homework right away.

I wish Michiel wouldn't sing so loudly late at night.

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How are you managing?

Woody is trying to keep it together.

Her eyes fell on the baby.

We're both college students.

I think he's Australian but I'm not certain.

Ceremonies were held to celebrate victories.

She shot a dog.

Ravindranath says that he was in Boston that night.

It's our duty to support Les.

Subra and I are both busy.

What's today's plan?

Andrew Johnson had to flee his home to save his life.

Selena Gomez and the Scene also had good luck with their first album, "Kiss and Tell." It has sold more than a million copies around the world.

The faster, the better.

It's simply surprising, how a modest attempt by a foreigner to compose a Russian sentence ultimately leads to two Russian speakers engaging in a lively discussion about their native language.


That was why I was late.

Knitting can be an expensive hobby.

The beginning of a sentence starts with a capital letter.

He is engaged to my younger sister.

She was devastated.

He was angry at the suggestion that he was dishonest.

I relayed the message to Klaus.

This T-shirt is too small for me.

We should be better than this.

They mutually discussed the future.

I started with two traveling companions.

You should have the picture of you and your mom that you recently took in Boston framed.

Do you really want to know what I want?

I was just playing for time.

Jackye went down on one knee and asked Heather to marry him.

Would you like to go see a movie or something?

Carol couldn't choke back her tears.


Kimmo has been experiencing severe headaches and dizziness.


You've really done a fine job.

We're supposed to be protecting Alastair.

That was no accident; someone set the house on fire.


They won that game.

I would never wear that color shirt.

Use your teeth.

If he had heard her advice, he would have succeeded.

You must not eat so much candy.

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Don't you like Boston?

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I need you to do something.

I have always worked towards excellence in my studies.

Erkin likes her too.

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Such a statement I would not dignify with a response.

The pencils have already been bought.

You'll have to ask Sherman.

Of course Jordan doesn't want to serve God and money as well.

They subjugate the meek.


Do you really think I will forgive you?

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He listened to the story with his eyes shining.

Kill me! Kill me! Kill all of me!

I know you can't stop him.

Pachacuti was the ninth ruler of the Inca trilogy of Mexico.

Who tastes everything becomes disgusted with everything.

The minister was caught lying to the corruption enquiry and was forced to resign.

What's my room number?

He used to be full of joy.

Timothy is pretty rich, isn't he?


She listened to music in her own room.

Turn in your test papers.

I have exhausted my energy.

Our plane took off from Narita two hours late, so we missed our flight in Hong Kong.

The insect ate the peach hollow.

I know what this is about.

There is no external influence in that.

Ralf didn't keep us waiting long.

I never even met him.

I can hardly imagine her doing that.

How much are you willing to pay for it?


I love these actors.

"I believe you like your job." "On the contrary, I hate it."

Sho is an idiot.

Tal told me I didn't have to talk to you.

I've seen the way Pontus looks at you.

The motorcade made its way down Park Street.

Children found Christmas presents hidden under the bed.


Maybe Jose just doesn't like you.

Because of the rain, we had to eat our picnic inside.

Every word counts.

It made me feel better.

They must be removed.

I really hate dairy products.

I really want them near me.

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I have a few friends who speak French well.

He must have stacked them up against the wall.

Variety is the spice of life.

I like your cat.

How many minorities live in Russia?


I don't remember exactly what Gideon said.

Pierre, come here!

Are you unlucky?


She is modest about her achievement.

Almost always.

Gregor isn't as fat as Christian.


Who is looking up into the sky?


Few people think so.

Eat! There are starving children who would love to have that food.

Goodbye and good luck.

Is this your first foreign trip?

In 1973, oil cost three dollars per barrel; in 2008 - 80 dollars per barrel.